Technical diagnostics of power generators

Машинный зал Иовской ГЭС (Мурманская область)
Машинный зал Иовской ГЭС (Мурманская область)

Authors: D.V. Kuznetsov , dr.sci., V.V. Maslov , dr.sci., A.B. Netseevskiy , dr.sci., Ph.A. POLIAKOV , dr.sci., JSC “R & D FGC UES ”

Keywords: turbine generators; hydrogenerators; operational reliability; ageing of insulation; state diagnostics; test procedures.

Abstract: Provision of reliable operation of the main generating equipment is an important and technically complex problem. It is practically impossible to solve it without obtaining the reliable information on equipment state (condition) and trend analysis of its changes, and therefore, without implementation of stateofthe-art facilities and diagnostic techniques.

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