Development of wind power industry in Russia

По данным Global Wind Energy Council, установленные мощности морских ветроэлектрических установок в 2012 году составили 283 ГВт

Authors: V.G. Nikolaev, i., S.V. Ganaga, ph.d, “Atmograf” Scientific Research and Information Center

Keywords: wind power engineering; wind power plants; power coefficient; primery cost of electricity; localization of wind turbine’s production.

Abstract: The factors of expediency of the wide scale net electrical wind power engineering development in Russia were considered. The resources, energetic and economical ground of accelerated installation of wind power plants (WPP) expediency in Russia with total capacity up to 6–7 and 28–30 GW until 2020 and 2030 respectively are given. The problems and necessary conditions of WPP wide scale introduction and use are reflected.

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