Fast-acting controlled shunt reactors to be utilized in the UNEG of Russia and abroad

Exterior view of the TCR at the Svetlaya 220 kV substation
Exterior view of the TCR at the Svetlaya 220 kV substation

Authors: A.M. Matinyan, M.V. Peshkov, V.N. Karpov, N.A. Alekseyev, V.A. Padalko, A.V. Antonov, R&D CenteR AT FGC UES, JSC, P.Y. Bulykin, IEDS GROUP, Moscow, JSC

Keywords: controlled shunt reactors; transformer-type controlled shunt reactors (TCR); CSR with on load tap changer control (OLTC).

Abstract: Controlled shunt reactors (CSR) are gaining increasing interest in the world today. For example, eight CSRs were installed in the Norwegian 420 kV power network in 2012–2013, with two more reactors in 2016. Seven CSRs were installed in 400 kV networks in Denmark in 2013–2015. Four CSRs were delivered in the USA in 2013–2015 to be installed in 345 kV and 143 kV networks.

Today, there is a revitalized interest in CSRs in the world. The experience accumulated by PJSC FGC UES in the area of application of CSRs is the most advanced in the world. Russian fast-acting CSRs offer many technical advantages (wider power control range, faster response, wider spectrum of tasks solved) in comparison with foreign analogs and can potentially be in demand on the global market.

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