Testing-field of “R&D FGC UES” — “Digital Substation”

Цифровые подстанции — передний край технологического развития в электросетях

Authors: Y.I. Morzhin, Dr.Sc i., JSC “R & D FGC UES ” S.G. Popov, Ph.D., JSC “R & D FGC UES ” Y.V. Korzhetskiy , JSC “R & D FGC UES ” M.D. Ilin , JSC “R & D FGC UES ”

Keywords: Electrical substation; IEC 61850; IED terminal; “Digital Substation” technology; Testing field; RTDS.

Abstract: Currently in Russia there is a great diversity of viewpoints and approaches to what is meant by the term “Digital Substation”. To get the successful automation of processes of transfer, conversion and distribution of electricity it is necessary to develop the clear concept of hardware and software of the digital substation.

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